maybe also a way for a couples profile to signify they are new and learning and serious, so that they can find partners willing to lend them extra patience, and nobody wastes time feeling like they were duped if it doesn’t work out A thought that just popped into my mind when I read that …

Individual/Couple Dating

Provide a way to state whether you date individually or as a couple. This will need additional work to sort out exactly how to display/search because this question is not a simple binary response. There are many different shades of dating individual and as a couple that will need to be considered.

PolyAm Books Read list

List books from the Resources section linked to the user’s account that show up on Profile page for others to see. Also allow recommendations for the book if desired.

Favorites Section

Add a way to mark other people as Favorites (not necessarily liked, but just a way to find them easily later on)

Partner Endorsements

Once a partner is linked, allow them to write an endorsement about each other that can be shown publicly (if user allows it)